My murals were painted in acrylics, except for the school murals (not shown here) where they required oil-base.    For large expanses, I drew the basic design to scale on 10x14 paper, mapped out major images beforehand in watercolor and presented it to the clients for design and price approval.  The scale drawing, roughly sketched to size onto the wall, served as a guide.  As the mural developed, more images were added.  The clients gave me the theme they wanted and we frequently worked together to include any details they wanted to see.  In the Mayan mural for instance, they wanted an impression of Mayan ruins, with species that exist today.  The National Geographic served as an excellant reference.  On familiar themes like Lake Huron, I worked from memory.   And you can tell that on some I took my time while others were done "fast and loose."

 I have included a special school mural photo of Eva Cassidy who helped me execute many in the schools until she became ill and soon after died of cancer.   She was 33 years old.  Her beautiful voice has since become cherished by millions of people around the world.   Thank you, Eva!